Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The types of skibob foot ski bindings

by G. Kunkel

Short foot skis are used in conjunction with skibobs.  They make chairlift unloading easy and act as balance outriggers while skibiking.

There are several types of bindings that can be used for attaching boots to the skibike foot skis.  Skibobbers have traditionally used skiboots since they were readily available.

Skibobbers can now buy and use snowboard boots and commercially available footskis with snowboard bindings.  They allow much more comfortable walking when not skibiking and provide plenty of support while riding.

Skibob foot skis with snowboard binding

Those with ankle injuries and fused ankles will benefit from snowboard boots and bindings.  Guests with these type of injuries or surgeries cannot get their feet into skiboots.

Instructors who are assigned teaching skibikes and snowboarding will appreciate the flexiblity of the platform.  No more switching to skiboots for a skibob lesson or out of for peg skibike lesson.

Skibob footskis also come with ski boot style bindings.  One style is fully adjustable and used mainly for rental fleets and another style looks like regular ski bindings.

The adjustable rental style bindings are very unreliable.  They wear out fairly quickly and then the foot skis fall off at random.  When cold and packed with snow, they are very hard to get back on.  If one is on a night time skibike tour, it's even worse.

The ski binding style binding for footskis are much more reliable.  While more expensive, you'll find skbiking less frustrating.

Skibob foot skis with ski bindings
Those looking for comfortable fitting footwear while riding should choose the snowboard binding, skiers with skiboots should pick the upgraded ski binding style.

Foot skis can be quite pricey.  One can make decent homemade ones from snowblades or buy a pair of used ones from SkiBikeFun.com for around $100.

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