The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) use a set of standardized terminology for teaching, skiing, snowboarding, and movement analysis.  As skibike instruction techniques become standardized and fall under the PSIA umbrella, it's best to just go ahead and use that terminology.  BASI in the U.K. and NZSIA in New Zealand use the same terminology.

Many terms in skibiking also come from downhill, cross-country, freeride, and all-mountain mountain biking.

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Skidded - many recreational skibikers incorrectly call this 'drifting'.  The skis are angled so that the bases of the skis are contacting the fall line on most of the ski base surface.  Skidding leaves a wide smeary track in the snow.  Skidding is how most novices control their speed and stop.

Carve -

Dynamic -

Low intensity -

High intensity -

Short radius -

Large radius -

Traverse -

Rotation -

Inclination -

Angulation -

Travel -

Fall line -

Peg or Pegger -

Full Suspension -

Hardtail -

Skibob -

Foot skis -

Kicker -

Bar spin -


Bikercross -

Homemade -

Conversion -

American Skibike Association (ASA)-

Downhill -

Skibike license -

Skibike certification -

Huck -

Ski radius -

Snowbike™ - a copyrighted term owned by Brenter Austria

Leash -  a device used to prevent a runaway bike.


Stance -

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