Friday, March 8, 2013

How to ride a skibob video from Brenter Snowbike

by G. Kunkel

Brenter Snowbike, an Austrian skibob manufacturer, put together a short, precise, instructional video.  In the video they cover all the basics one needs to know when hitting the slopes.

Skibobbing really is this easy to learn.  I still recommend a short lesson when attempting for the first time.  Most resorts require lessons before they can be rented.

The video covers stance, skidded turns, linked skidded turns, sideslipping aka skidded traverse, stopping, loading the chairlift, and unloading from the chairlift.

If your legs are sore at the end of the day, that probably means one used the foot skis for skiing.  Try lifting the foot skis off the snow periodically the next time out on the slopes.  They really are just for balance or just keeping your feet from dragging in the snow.

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